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Version: 4.x

Creating a Discord bot

To use Corde, there must be two bots in the guild. The first one is your bot, the one that you want to test, the other is a bot that Corde to communicate with your bot.

The first step to create a bot is to go to Discord Developer Portal.

After login (if you are not already logged in) you will see a page like the picture below:

Discord developers home page

There, you go to New Application. Click that button, you will be prompted to define a name of the bot, choose a nice name and click Create.


Now that we created an application. Is time to create the real bot entity. Go to the Bot menu on left and click Add bot.

create a bot

It will be prompted to you a note message and you can click in Yes, do it!.

message add bot

After clicking on the button, you now have your own A Great Bot.

created bot


Each bot has a token, it is unique and must be protected. Do not share the token with other people, or expose it to any source of the internet. If you unintentionally commit the token to Github for instance, Discord detects it and invalidates your token. After doing this you will receive a message to you on discord announcing that security operation. But don't worry, if this happens, you just have to generate a new token to the bot and make sure to now commit it again 😄.

Now that we have the bot and his token, let's add for his admin permission: To do that, go to the bottom of the page that we are now and mark the checkbox Administrator

Now we are going to mark our bot scope as bot and generate a link to add the bot to a server. Go to OAuth2 on the left side of the page and mark the checkbox bot.

define bot scope

After that, a new field will appear at the bottom with a list of possible permissions for the bot. Check Administrator to allow our bot to have admin permission and copy the link that appears above the permissions block.

define bot scope

After pasting the generated link and press enter, you will see a prompt asking where to add the bot:

define bot scope

Choose a server and voilá, the bot is in your server!

bot in server