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Version: 2.x


Corde has some functions to group all tests, are they: group and test.


Both group and test accepts async code, that will be resolved by corde runtime.

group(description, fn)

Also under the alias: describe(description, fn)

group(name, fn) creates a block that groups together several related tests. For instance:

group("testing bot", () => {
test("command 'hi' should return 'hello'", () => {

test("command 'addReaction' should add a reaction to last message", () => {

test(description, fn, timeout)

Also under the alias: it(description, fn, timeout)

All you need in a test file is the test method which runs a test. For example, let's take the famous "hi", "hello" test example:

test("command 'hi' should  return 'hello'", () => {

The first argument is the test name; the second argument is a function that contains the expectations to test. The third argument (optional) is timeout (in milliseconds) for specifying how long to wait before aborting. Note: The default timeout is 5 seconds.